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Interview on Sharks

A few weeks ago I hosted a University of Texas “Reporting on our Changing Environment” journalism course while working on Lady Elliot Island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Each student had an individual project to work on, ultimately producing either radio, newspaper or TV features. Below is a short interview I gave to one of the students, Rachel Robillard, on sharks.

Obviously, there is a lot to say about sharks. Most people will shiver at the sound of the word. I was one of these people a few years ago before I went to work with sharks in South Africa. But after spending time in the field with them, I realised that they are misunderstood animals, often falsely portrayed by the media as ‘horrible monsters’ and ‘man-killers’. So even though this is not a big TV piece, it’s good to put the word out there that they are amazing animals to swim and interact with, and that they are not as bad as it sounds… :)


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