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Fabrice R. A. Jaine

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20. Preliminary insights into the population characteristics and distribution of reef (Mobula alfredi) and oceanic (M. birostris) manta rays in French Polynesia

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16. Variation in occupancy and habitat use of Mobula alfredi at a major aggregation site

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13. Satellite tagging highlights the importance of productive Mozambican coastal waters to the ecology and conservation of whale sharks

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12. Prey density threshold and tidal influence on manta ray foraging at an aggregation site on the Great Barrier Reef

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8. Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) movement patterns and habitat use determined by satellite tagging in eastern Australian waters

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5. Stable isotope and signature fatty acid analyses suggest reef manta rays feed on demersal zooplankton

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1. Distribution, site affinity and regional movements of the manta ray,

Manta alfredi (Krefft, 1868), along the east coast of Australia

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