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Photographer: Fabrice Jaine


Caption: In the beginning of time in traditional Polynesian mythology, the big blue shark, Te Ma’o Purotu, was the favorite shark of the god Ta’aroa, master of the underwater world. He lived in Purotu, the original sacred land located in the depths of the sea that gave the deep blue color of the ocean its Tahitian name. He had a habit of rising to the surface to swim close to the beach to feed on algae and play with children. However one day, alerted by the gods of the sea, humans started to fear Ta’aroa’s tame shark that could have the evil intent to eat them. During a hunt led by two courageous warriors who were out to kill him, the shark was injured then he appeared to die. Suddenly, the gods Ta’aroaand Tū, angry at this injustice, lifted him into the sky. This is how the shark was brought back to life in the original sacred waters of Te-vai-ora, the celestial domain of the god Tāne. He became the guardian under his new name Fa’arava-i-te-ra’i. From this moment forward, he gained status as tapu (forbidden) to humans, which means he could not be eaten and in virtue of the restrictions attached to sacred words, his name could no longer be pronounced.


About the printing process: Every one of these images is precious to Fabrice, and therefore when purchasing one of Fabrice's prints you can expect meticulous attention to detail. Each print will be treated with the utmost care, delicately handled and securely packaged to ensure it arrives safely into your hands and will be proudly displayed in your home or office! Images are printed with the finest printers, papers and materials to ensure superior quality and a final product that is rich in detail, depth and colour.


Various print options are available for each photograph:

  • Art Paper:  Fabrice typically prints on Ilford Galerie Premium Papers, which include Gold Fiber Silk, Textured Cotton Rag, Smooth Pearl or Metallic Gloss papers. Since each photograph is unique in its tonal range and mood, each print may require a specific paper/texture to truly express its full potential. Fabrice likes to decide on paper choice during the printing process to ensure high output quality, however if you wish to specifically request one of the papers mentioned above, please contact Fabrice after your have placed your order to discuss your needs.
  • Acrylic mounted prints: Acrylic mounted prints are modern prints where the printed photograph is mounted behind a 5mm optical grade and UV protective clear acrylic layer. The resulting product is a breathtaking print that will make an impact on any audience, with remarkable depth and brilliance, and ready to be hung on your wall for a modern look. Since acrylic mounting requires additional and precise work for optimal output quality, it may take up to 2 weeks for your acrylic print to be delivered. Also, a $50 fee is included in the price to cover packaging needs.


For specific enquiries or custom sizes, please contact Fabrice directly.

Te Ma'o

PriceFrom $149.00
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