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Photography Awards:


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Finalist, Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year


One of Fabrice's most recent successes was to be selected as a Finalist in the Monochrome Category of the world-renowned 2019 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Awards for his image entitled 'Manta Serenade'. The selected image was subsequently exhibited at the South Australian Museum and Australian Museum and featured in the official photo book of the exhibition .


Image Caption:

"A male manta ray (Mobula alfredi) follows a larger female during a courtship ritual photographed at Ningaloo Reef Marine Park, Western Australia. The species is classified as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Mating and birthing locations remain uncertain throughout its range and rarely observed in the wild."


Honorable Mention, International Monochrome Photography Awards (Wildlife category)


In 2017 Fabrice's received a Honorable Mention at the world-renowned Monochrome Awards (International Black & White Photography Competition) for his image entitled 'Lone Singer'. This success marked a significant turn in Fabrice's artistic vision and expression.


Image Caption:

"I jump in the water. My first swim in the clear waters of the Kingdom of Tonga. I hear a mesmerising melody. It feels close. It is so inviting. I cannot resist but swim around, searching desperately for the source. The melody gets louder. It is here, somewhere in the blue. I look down and I spot something glowing in the depths. I dive down, 5, 10, 15, 20 metres. There is it, a lone male humpback whale singing his courtship vocalisation. His enthralling serenade is unique, it tells all females in the vicinity where he is from, where he has been, and with a personal 'chorus' to showcase his uniqueness. It is now so powerful I can feel it resonating through my entire body. He is facing down in the water column, tail up, projecting his powerful song onto the seafloor to disperse his call as far as he can in hope to find a mate. He is lonely, and in search of his soulmate."

Australian Institute of Professional Photography - EPSON New South Wales Awards

1 x Silver with Distinction Award + 3 x Silver Awards

Illustrative & Science, Wildlife and Wild Places category

Fabrice was very honoured that to have several of his images awarded 'Silver' and 'Silver with Distinction' Awards at the 2017 AIPP NSW Epson Photography Awards Judging.

As an Emerging Member of the AIPP, and being his second time only entering these professional awards, it was particularly exciting to hear a couple of his images being discussed at length and appreciated by some legendary photographers in the industry!


Australian Institute of Professional Photography - EPSON Queensland Awards

2 x Silver Awards

Science, Wildlife & Wild Places category


After joining the Australian Institute of Professional Photography as an Emerging Member in 2015, Fabrice was delighted to have two images awarded a Silver Award at the EPSON Queensland Professional Photography Awards and therefore qualify for the prestigious Australian Professional Photography Awards. The competition provides professional photographers with a platform to expand their creativity, evaluate their progress against others in the industry, and network with the community.



Grand Prize Winner, IUCN World Parks Congress 'SAVED' Photography Competition

Specialist Category


On a crisp winter morning off Lady Elliot Island, Fabrice snapped a magical encounter between a passing 4m manta ray and a mesmerised diver. This capture, entitled ‘Breathless Encounter’, was announced on November 15th, 2014 as the winning photograph out of 1200 submissions to the international SAVED photography competition, being held to coincide with the World Parks Congress in Sydney. The competition aimed to get people world-wide to share their experiences and appreciation of the world’s most precious areas. Fabrice took out the Major Prize of $15,000 with his photograph raising awareness about the plight of threatened manta rays and the importance of marine sanctuaries.



New Photographer of the Year, Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year


2012 was a stepping stone for Fabrice's photography. When his image was awarded the Merit of Excellence Award for Novice Photographer at the Ocean Geographic Magazine ‘Pictures of the Year Competition’, Fabrice realised that everything is possible and decided to pursue his photography and use his images to raise awareness about the fate of threatened species and critical ecosystems


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